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Young people have their say on Brixton Central masterplan

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Evelyn Grace Academy pupils discussing Brixton Central masterplanStudents of all ages from Evelyn Grace Academy got involved with the Brixton Central masterplan during a workshop run by Fluid on Thursday 26 June. We’d like to thank all the students who took part and the Stephen Lawrence Trust for its help on the day.

During a series of group exercises, we asked the young people a number of questions to understand how they felt about Brixton now and what they wanted to see in the future. It’s important that young people play their part in writing the masterplan and here’s an overview of some of their responses.

Can you describe Brixton? The words “multicultural” and “diverse” featured most. “Lively”, “vibrant” and “unique” were also popular.

Where do you like going in Brixton? The library, shops (clothes and food) and parks were mentioned. Brixton Rec Centre and the cinema also featured. The market was the place that students said they avoided and “overcrowding” was one of the reasons given.

What does Brixton Central need less of? “Restaurants, cafes and bars” were mentioned most, with “phone shops” also featuring.

If you had three wishes for Brixton? Students wanted “more police and less crime”. They also wanted sports facilities and things for young people to get involved with. 

What is your hope for Brixton Central?

  • “for the crime rate to decrease and for the reputation of the area to be more positive”
  • “more beneficial towards youths, elders and others that are challenged”
  • ” hope for change, but not for an unrecognisable Brixton”
  • “that it is suitable for the current population of Brixton and everyone feels comfortable in it”
  • “change to benefit our generation and the next generation of Brixton”
  • “facilities for a wide range of people of all ethnicities, rather than one specific group”
  • “that is does not become overcrowded and that everyone knows each other with a family environment”
  • “that Brixton can develop while keeping its originality and diversity”
  • “for it to become safer and gang free, and affordable”

How you can get involved

There are a number of events this month and the calendar on the right lists all of these:

  • Thursday 10 July, Community Reference Group meets – 7.30-9.30 at the Impact Hub (please register)
  • Saturday 12 July, Pop-up stall – 10am-4pm at Brixton Station Road Market
  • Tuesday 15 July, Pop-up stall – 11am-5pm at Windrush Square
  • Wednesday 16 July, Pop-up stall – 11am-5pm at Brixton Village
  • Saturday 19 July, Lambeth Country Show – 11am-5pm at Brockwell park
  • Sunday 20 July, Lambeth Country Show – 11am-5pm at Brockwell Park
  • Tuesday 22 July-Thursday 24 July, Drop-in Exhibition – 1-4pm at Brixton Station

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