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Brixton Central – Local Reference Group workshops

The Brixton Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out an area called Brixton Central as a major area for growth and investment in the town centre. We now want local people to help set out proposals for the long-term future of this part of the town centre.

The two major landowners in the area, Lambeth Council and Network Rail, have jointly appointed AECOM and Fluid Architects to work with local people on a masterplan development brief for Brixton Central. This will be used to establish in more detail the type of development and public space in the area, its scale and how it should be delivered.

The Local Reference Group

The Local Reference Group will act as a sounding board for the development of the Brixton Central Masterplan Development Brief. The reference group has grown out of a series of individual and group meetings that Fluid held with local people and organisations to understand people’s priorities for the town centre.

Two Reference Group meetings have followed, with workshops exploring themes around potential land use, viability considerations and community benefits, as well as potential locations for different town centre activities across the Brixton Central area.

Presentations from the workshops can be downloaded here: Presentation_080414_reduced size

These events have involved many passionate and exciting discussions and you can read about some of the issues in the comments on this blog. We’ll review what people have said and feed this in to the development of the masterplan proposals, which we’ll bring back for further discussion in the summer.



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Meanwhile, the winner is … grow:brixton

A team of award winning architects, guerrilla gardeners, cooks and food producers has won the chance to transform empty space at Pope’s Road in Brixton.

Lambeth council and the Market Traders’ Federation ran a competition that would see the site where the ice rink used to be transformed for the next 2 years.

The competition captured public imagination at events, in the press and on social media and the last stage was to choose between two locally based finalists.

The grow:brixton team consists of award-winning Carl Turner Architects, The Edible Bus Stop – guerilla gardeners and landscape experts – Canteen – socially minded food organisation – and Engineers Structure Workshop, all based in Lambeth.

Brixton Green family fun day

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Somerleyton Road Community Day coming up …

There’s a lot happening on Somerleyton Road. Our new design team will be appointed soon and Number 6 is about to open its doors to a fantastic programme of events and projects.

We’re particularly excited to welcome the fabulous Brixton Street Gym brought to you by the amazing Blockworkout.

Join us at Somerleyton Road on Saturday 26 April, 11am to 3pm to find out more and have some fun. There’ll be food, something for the whole family, and some special guests!

Read more about the Somerleyton Road project here and on the Brixton Green website.

Meanwhile at Pope's road public event

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Lots of local interest in Meanwhile at Pope’s Road

It was great to see a packed house for the Meanwhile at Pope’s Road event last night. The two shortlisted bid teams pitched their exciting ideas to more than fifty local people.

The questions showed residents were interested in the lasting impact of the project, how it would interact with the rest of the town centre, as well as the employment and business opportunities.

We’ve had lots of detailed feedback and the Steering Group will be looking through it all when they meet to decide between the two. Clearly it won’t be an easy decision but, as one attendee last night put it:

“Whichever proposal wins, it would be a welcomed change from us! We would like to be kept up to date and be involved and help in anyway we can.”

More information about Meanwhile at Pope’s Road can be found here.

young people listening to finalists bidding for Meanwhile at Pope's Road

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Young people preview the Meanwhile bids

Last Wednesday about 25 young people had the first chance to meet the two finalists bidding to use the space at Pope’s Road where the temporary ice rink used to be.

The youth mayor, The Grow:Brixton team give their presentationJacqueline Goves Nemes welcomed people and stressed how important it was to have young people involved in the project, which was a great opportunity to shape what happens in the centre of Brixton. The evening was hosted by local spoken word poet, Dean Atta, who started us off with a special performance. Then came the pitches…

Both Grow: Brixton and Brixton Toolbox kept the audience interested with their exciting ideas for the space. It was impossible to tell on the night whether there was a preferred bid as both led to a number of thought provoking questions.

About Grow:Brixton: “Amazing, I was excited by the great work they’d done already”

About Brixton Toolbox: “Open concept that allows ideas to feed in. Diverse and keeps young people in mind.”

It was Brixton Toolbox answering questionsclear that the young people present had some great ideas themselves and wanted to see the space well-used by their peers.  The conversation continues on social media so please join in @futurebrixton using #meanwhilebrixton and at facebook.com/futurebrixton

This Wednesday there is an opportunity for all ages to meet the bidders and you can register to attend here. You can also comment on the blog here.



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Shortlisted bidders announced for Meanwhile at Pope’s Road

Rather than put up with an empty space at Pope’s Road, where the ice rink used to be, we have worked with the Market Traders’ Federation to hold a competition for someone to use the space.

Two bids, both led by Brixton-based design practices have made it through the shorlisting. They are:

Shortlisting was undertaken by the ‘Meanwhile at Pope’s Road’ steering group, which includes Councillor Imogen Walker and members of the Brixton Market Traders’ Federation. You can find out more information about the two finalists below and by coming to one of our events to meet the bidders in person:

You can let us know what you think about the shortlisted bids in the following ways:

  • via twitter using #meanwhilebrixton
  • email us at futurebrixton@lambeth.gov.uk
  • leave a comment on the Meanwhile at Pope’s Road page

For more information about the shortlisted bids and the competition.

Don’t forget to sign up to the Future Brixton emailing list to keep up to date with what’s happening.

Bakery Boys (2)


16-25? Future Brixton is at the Prince of Wales for a special event

Come to a unique evening of music, spoken word, ideas and (free) pizza that will change Brixton.
Doors open at 6pm, pitches start at 6.30pm sharp.

  • Bakery Boys (Shack, DJ Set) 
  • London Poet Dean Atta (Host)

Imagine you have 18 months, up to £85,000 and almost 4,000sqm of empty space in the centre of Brixton. What would you do to add to the buzz and creativity of Brixton? Would you create more jobs and more things for people to do? 

What would you do with this space?

We ran a competition for people to take on this challenge. Now you can be the first to meet the finalists and hear their ideas for ‘Meanwhile at Pope’s Road’.  We want to know what you think. Your ideas, thought’s and comments will ALL count when the decision is made.

If you like what you hear we want you to share it and talk about it on social media. We’ll post information on the Future Brixton Facebook page and we’ll re-tweet you from @FutureBrixton using #meanwhilebrixton. Visit the Facebook event page here.

Be involved in this exciting project from the start. There will be opportunities for you to work with the winning team – making the ideas a reality and learning new skills. 


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