Consultation on YNTH construction plan

Written by Future Brixton team

November 11, 2015

The recent green light from the council’s planning committee, means preparations are now under way to start construction early next year. Before work can begin, the council requires that the developer, Muse, submit a Construction and Environmental Management Plan that local people will have had a chance to comment on.

What is a Construction and Environmental Management Plan?

This Plan provides a summary of the likely environmental issues like noise, dust and vibration that may arise during construction and Muse’s proposed approach to managing these. The CEMP also sets out the anticipated demolition and construction programme for the development and describes the nature of the construction activities that will be undertaken.

The purpose of this Plan is to minimise disruption to local residents by:

  • committing to, and delivering, best-practise construction techniques and management throughout
  • agreeing and policing agreed working hours for all construction and especially noisy works
  • outlining the team’s proposed construction and demolition programme well in advance
  • confirming what construction activities will be undertaken, how, and the likely impacts of this
  • summarising how issues such as noise, dust and vibration etc. will be effectively managed
  • providing one point of contact for residents to report issues and committing to a programme of ongoing communications with impacted parties
  • demonstrating a commitment to working with other developers in the area through a ‘Brixton Construction Management Forum’ to ensure coordination of activities wherever possible.

Having your say

Before the Construction and Environmental Management Plan is finalised, Muse is looking for feedback from the local community so that they can ensure the Plan addresses local concerns. To have your say you will need to respond by Monday 14 December at 12 noon

Visit the consultation page of the Your New Town Hall site to review and download the Plan, as well as submit your comments online.

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