Feedback from the Somerleyton Street Party

Written by Future Brixton team

July 3, 2015
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On Saturday 27 June local people came to see how the designs for the development on Somerleyton Road were getting on and to enjoy some music, stalls, food and performance. Thanks to everyone who came and here’s an overview of what we did and what we learnt.

We presented our latest model to show you how the buildings and new spaces would sit on the site and how they look against existing homes, the railway line and so on. We included images and boards to explain each of the designs.

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Designing the street

The Somerleyton Road project is not just about buildings. We’d like to see five new outdoor spaces for people to use and enjoy. These are:

  • a new outdoor gym
  • a community growing garden
  • an improved Somerleyton Passage
  • a public space around the theatre and
  • a space at the Theatre Yard.

There could also be improvements to the road itself.

Gross Max and Metropolitan workshop were on site with drawings of how these spaces might be designed.  We asked you to tell us what you thought, give us your ideas for each space and tell us how you think the street should be used.

You can see all the information from the day and let us know what you think here.

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Here’s what you told us.


It was clear that people were very supportive of the new outdoor spaces.  The community-growing garden was especially popular. You had some interesting ideas for this space including an edible garden, a seating area and opportunities for children to grow food.   The outdoor gym was also strongly supported as something that can be used by the local community.

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Overall people want to give those walking down the street priority and fewest people thought cars and parking is really important. A place for  plants trees and green spaces was the second most popular suggestion, followed by somewhere to sit and make friends, then places to play.

All of the ideas above will be considered as we continue to design the street.

Designing the buildings

As well as collecting your ideas for the outside space, we invited the five architects designing the buildings to show you their work in progress.  There was an exhibition board summarising the designs for each of the blocks (or plots).  This included.

  • Zac Monro’s proposals the Carlton Mansions Creative Worksspace (Block A)
  • Foster Wilson’s proposals for the Ovalhouse theatre (Block B)
  • Metropolitan Workshop’s proposals for the Chefs School, new homes and retail (Blocks C and F)
  • Mae’s proposals for Extra Care homes at (Block D)
  • Haworth Tompkins’ proposals for a nursery, flexible community space and children’s centre (Plot E)

We had many interesting comments form you about these designs. People particularly liked how the designs are shaping up for the Ovalhouse theatre, which is seen as an exciting new facility for Brixton. You also made us aware of the issues you’d like to see addressed as the designs progress. These included ideas for the management of the new facilities and the need to ensure that new facilities are accessible to the community.

Tell us what you think

You can see all of the information from the day and let us have your comments  . We’re holding a prize draw for all comments received by Friday 24th July. The prize is 50 Brixton Pounds. – so get involved to win!


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    No mention of the protest at the other end of the street on the very same day of the ‘street party’?

    Thats slightly odd.

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