Meanwhile at the ice rink update

Written by Future Brixton team

December 3, 2013

On Wednesday 6 November, over 35 people came to the Town Hall to discuss how the site could be used temporarily, while its longer-term future is identified.

The temporary ice rink closed on 18 November 2013 when the new Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre opened. By January or February next year, the ice rink structure will have been dismantled and we’ll be left with a cleared site. We aim to plan for the longer-term use of the site with local people during the spring and summer of 2014 and for new development to get going late in 2015.

This will leave around 1 to 1 ½ years when the site would be clear for what are called ‘meanwhile’ activities.

We’ve identified £40k to help make our ideas for meanwhile activities a reality. While this sounds a lot, it is highly likely that whatever happens will also need to create an income stream to support on-going costs.

You can read more about the discussion that took place on 6 November here.

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