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October 27, 2014
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Hundreds of people are getting involved in shaping how the centre of Brixton can change. Local people, Network Rail and Lambeth Council are working together on long-term plans for the area that includes the former ice rink site, the train station, Brixton Station Road and the land in-between the tracks off Valentia Place. We call this project the Brixton Central masterplan.

During July 2014 we talked with people at workshops and pop-up events. We also posted the ideas on the web so that people could feed back online, as well as in person.

Based on work from earlier conversations with local people and groups, we wanted to know what you thought about 12 development principles and the ideas contained within two different development scenarios. A report on what happened is available to download here.

Brixton Central pop-up market stall

What people want from development

We asked people to prioritise the 12 development principles and it was clear that the two principles people were most concerned about were ‘affordable housing’ and ‘culture and community’. These seem to reflect the general desire to keep and support Brixton’s existing community and character. Likewise, ‘affordable workspace and retail’ was also popular.

Town centre parking continues to draw strong opinions both for and against..

A London Overground station for Brixton was also popular. Recent work undertaken for the council suggests the best potential location for this would be the old Brixton East station on Gresham Road, although the cost will be high and unlikely to be met by the masterplan development. However, the council and partners will continue to explore funding routes.

Ideas for development

Of the two development scenarios presented one emphasised providing studio and workspace along with an events and cultural offer, whilst the other looked at extending the indoor market as well as studio and workspace. Both included new homes and shops. You can read the Brixton Central Update Report here.

Scenario A for the Brixton Central masterplan
Scenario A for the Brixton Central masterplan


Scenario B for the Brixton Central masterplan
Scenario B for the Brixton Central masterplan



The report and wider discussions to date indicate:

  • Broad support for the demolition of International House, although some thought retaining and reusing the building would be more sustainable
  • Largely positive feedback around extending the covered markets, but with others raising concerns this might divert trade away from existing businesses
  • New studio and workspace in the town is welcomed, as well as support for existing businesses and light industry
  • The importance of market storage and other market infrastructure, such as water, electricity and waste disposal

What next?

We’ll be hosting more workshops and pop-up events during November so that you can have your say on an updated proposal. Details for these events are on the calendar and you can sign up to the Future Brixton newsletter to stay up to date.

The proposals will also be available to view and comment on via this website.

Find out more about Brixton Central here.

4 Thoughts on “Latest feedback on Brixton Central

  1. andrew says:

    there is an extremely useful cycle route in front of Hambrook House leading to Porden road and thus to Acre Lane. Will this still be available in this design. I can’t tell from the plans whether this route will still be possible. It would be a great shame if cycles have to go round the dangerous corner in front of the Town hall to Acre lane.

  2. Brixton Central Masterplan looks to extend Brixton Village and build a 15 storey residential block says:

    […] Brixton is holding a series of public consultations for the Brixton Central Masterplan, which contains redevelopment proposals for the former ice rink site, the train station, Brixton […]

  3. Carlos says:

    A DLR/National Rail interchange in Brixton would play a crucial role in meeting connectivity needs of visitors, businesses and locals in South London in the future.
    Whilst it would be understandable that current proposals might be unable to fund such a project, it is imperative that current developments do not impede a DLR extension over the existing station in the future, for example, by building a hotel next/above of the current station. Current developments must accommodate for such an expansion in the future.
    Reviving the station in Brixton East would completely miss a huge opportunity to create an interchange at the heart of Brixton. It would also make it more unlikely that the DLR would have an interchange with the Thameslink route at Loughborough Junction.
    Whatever you do, please do not close the door on any future opportunities of having an integrated DRL/National Rail station in Brixton.

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