Changing Brixton brought to life in new window display

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November 9, 2015
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Before work starts on the Your new town Hall project early next year, a new display on Brixton Hill presents a snapshot of Brixton today and looks at the aims and opportunities of regeneration.

Replacing the sketches by Pam Williams, these images and infographics aim to grab the attention of the thousands of people who use Brixton Hill – many of whom don’t know about the council’s Future Brixton programme. They:

  • set out what Brixton is like today – with statistics and views from local characters.
  • show the difference Future Brixton aims to make
  • explain the three major investment projects – Brixton Central, Somerleyton Road and Your New Town Hall.

Brixton today

There are so many interesting statistics about Brixton what it’s like living in Brixton today and the state of the local economy. These come from various sources such as the 2011 census, the 2015 resident’s survey and the Brixton business survey.

From the resident’s survey we now know the most important things in making Brixton a good place to live is transport, clean streets, parks and outdoor spaces, the level of crime, shopping facilities and living in a multi-cultural community.

We also wanted to capture what  local people feel about Brixton so there are 26 quotes featured alongside images taken from various Brixton based events, such as the opening of the BCA.


Future Brixton

Importantly, we wanted to let everyone know what is happening across Brixton as part of the council’s Future Brixton regeneration programme.

We outlined what each of the projects is trying to achieve regarding building new homes and what it will be like living in Brixton, as well as opportunities for the local economy (including jobs).

Futrue Brixton window

See the exhibition

If you want to see the exhibition itself then you have to be quick as early next year work begins to demolish Town Hall Parade as part of the Your New Town Hall project.

  • You can view pdf of the exhibition here
  • For the full source links click here
  • And further information on the Future Brixton projects is available on this site.

About the Pam Williams exhibition

In 2014 we asked local artist, Pam Williams, if she would like to have a semi-permanent exhibition on the Town Hall Parade windows as part of the inaugural Brixton Design Week. Pam is best known for her respectfully accurate sketches from everyday Brixton life. The sketches capture key personalities, and document initial stages of building a vibrant Brixton. They gave a snapshot of the transition from the infamous to the popular destination and featured some well-known faces and characters. The exhibition stayed up for almost a year and created lots of buzz.

To find out more about Pam’s work here 

Town Hall parade windows

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