Igloo come to Somerleyton Road

Written by Future Brixton team

June 27, 2014

Our new development management team, headed up by Igloo, came to the Somerleyton Road Street Party on Saturday 21 June to meet local residents. Igloo’s Chris Brown, explains who they are and how they will work with us at Somerleyton Road:

It’s a privilege for Igloo to be supporting Lambeth, Brixton Green and Ovalhouse to deliver the Somerleyton Road project. We are working with some great people like Metropolitan Workshop (architects and urban designers), Tibbalds (planning), Conisbee (engineers) and Social Life who have done previous work for Brixton Green on the project. Hopefully they will all blog on their specific roles here over time.

Igloo are employed as development managers so our job is to provide the development skills but without taking the developer’s profit! Our nearest project to Brixton is Bermondsey Square on Bermondsey Street in SE1 for Southwark and Aviva.


Others say we have a reputation at igloo for innovation and trying to make the world a better place and it’s a challenge to match the aspirations of the Brixton communities for Somerleyton Road.

The project breaks new ground in so many ways, not least the sharing of control of development of council land with a local community based organisation, the real and deep community led approach to the brief for the project and the provision of long term low cost funding by the council. Any one of these would be unusual and together they are unique.

We try to be selective in the projects we work on and the aspirations of the Somerleyton partners, developed from the consultations with local people, to maximise the affordability of housing for local people and make the street a better place are exactly what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We know there is controversy about the project, we know it has huge challenges (like the live railways alongside and underneath) and we know we won’t get everything right. We have started on a very steep learning curve and look forward to learning from supporters and critics alike.

You can follow Chris on twitter @chrisigloo

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