Brixton Yoga at Somerlyeton Road

Written by Gurpreet Dosanjh

February 2, 2015

So, hello and welcome to my blog, Brixton Yoga’s very own blog on Future Brixton. Pretty exciting stuff.

I thought I would say a little about my time at Somerleyton Road, starting off with the roundabout way that I came to the space.


Well, the interest in the mind and body really started several years ago when I (with no former dance training!!) joined an integrated dance theatre group. Folk with disability and those without get together dance and then incredible shows are choreographed and performed nationally and internationally. The story of how I got there is another blog! But it was Amici that took me out of a professional office and onto the stage and then lead me to train as a Dance and Movement Psychotherapist.

I’d practiced yoga sporadically as a way to help me keep playing football for years. My dad is an amateur football manager in the midlands so I have grown up with the sport (and the countless injuries) but it was during my time with Amici that interest in the body, movement and yoga really developed.


As a psychotherapist I worked with really vulnerable groups and brought into my dance movement therapy sessions, yoga breath and postures. My clients had the most horrific childhoods and my personal coping strategy with difficult material was to develop my own personal journey with Vinyasa Flow yoga. Not only did I use it in sessions but I practiced more and more. It was an almost daily practice that gave me the quiet space to be still, except and allow all the difficult emotions that my training was bringing up and move on from them. The training here wasn’t just specific to psychotherapeutic training but was an insight into what we are like is emotional beings and how we can regulate our emotional state – for me, this parallels with Yoga.

I became more and more interested in yoga and the link with psychotherapy and so, naturally, had to do my yoga training. The path to Vinyasa Flow training was an easy one to start and a difficult one to fulfil. I had met and become good friends years ago with a chap called Lalit whilst travelling in India and unbeknown to me at the time he had his own yoga studio, one of the best, Himalayan Yoga Valley. When I was ready I did my teacher training and then found my way to Somerleyton Road, intent on community focussed yoga.

The community aspect of the space appealed to me and I hope to deliver a shared yoga experience and then expand from there to the wider stuff that happens at Somerleyton Road. When I self-practice I used music more and more and it has found its way into the classes. From DJ Sadow to Ludovico Einaudi the soundtrack is eclectic and modern. The sequence is split between a slow start to a dynamic series of sun salutations which slowly incorporate standing postures and some twists. We generate an internal heat that will not only develop a stronger, leaner and more flexible body but also raise one’s awareness of breath and the body. The sun salutations allow one to be much more connected to the body because of the work that has taken place and then the pace is slowed right down. I bring in some of my dance training here and we develop movement that is authentic and specific to a particular day and a particular body. An opportunity to move in a non-sequenced way to music before seated postures that work towards a key posture in the hips or chest.


So, come along if you don’t mind a rustic and real community yoga experience. There might be some subtle drum and bass in the background from the gym guys next door, glimpses of the old boys in the back room playing Dominos or the smell of a veg soup on an open fire in the back area as the urban regeneration guys unwind after a long day’s work. Individual classes are priced at a welcoming £7 per class, with your first class free.

Full details are here at

Come and have a look and join the community!


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