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May 28, 2015
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In March we were really pleased to announce that we have been given money to invest into Brixton from the Mayor of London’s High Street Fund. We have a total of £869,000, with the Council putting in a further £390,000 to make at total of £1,259,000. We could not have got this money without the fantastic support of the Brixton Market Traders’ Federation (BMTF). While part of the money will go to other important projects in the area, over £1m is directly for the street markets.

We want to widen involvement to include more of Brixton’s street traders, shop owners and residents, so that they can help decide the plans for the area.  It would be great if you could come along to one of our events and meet those involved.

The events include:

  • 27 – 30 May, face to face surveys with shoppers about the street markets
  • 29 May, visit each market stall to speak with traders about the project
  • 5– 6 June, our own market stalls on Electric Avenue and Brixton Station Road, open to all, to come and discuss the project
  • 6 June ,“walkshop” sessions, open to all, to come and discuss the plans while touring the markets. Register here. 
  • 9 June, workshop in the evening with local residents from 6.30 – 8.30pm in Room 125 in Lambeth Town Hall. Register here 
  • 10 June, attendance at the Brixton Market Traders Federation Annual General Meeting (traders only)
  • 11- 12 June, focus groups with shoppers
  • 23 June, workshop, open to all, to discuss draft plans to re-design the market streets

You will need to book your attendance at the walkshops and workshops. To do this just click on the event and it will take you straight to eventbrite.

To find out more click here, or get in touch with Pawel Pietraszek on or 020 7926 4083.

To read in full about the street market strategy then please go to the Street Market page here. 

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