Cleaner Market Streets for Brixton

Written by Tom Bridgman

January 6, 2017
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Lambeth council is working to make Brixton town centre’s streets cleaner.

As part of the long term strategy for Brixton street markets, the Council has committed to improve the waste collection on the market streets, Electric Avenue, Pope’s Road and Brixton Station Road.

To increase our ability to collect waste from shops and the street market a new site for the waste compactors is required. This is because the current location, behind the public toilets on Pope’s Road, limits the number of compactors we can use and also means they can only be emptied before or after the street market has closed.

A larger and more accessible site will allow us to increase the number of compactors from two to three and also how often we can empty them. This will ultimately mean we can collect more waste, more frequently throughout the day, and in doing so, keep Brixton’s streets cleaner.

A small section of the temporary Pope’s Road car park, accessed from Brixton Station Road, has been identified as the new location for the waste compactor yard. Planning permission has now been granted and the site should be operational early in 2017.

The reconfiguration of the car park to accommodate the compactor yard has no impact on the street trader car park. However, the number of public car parking spaces will go down from 45 to 33 and the number of disabled bays from six to five.

The decision to use part of the car park has been made balancing a number of priorities, including reducing negative impacts on residents and shoppers, public safety and future redevelopment plans elsewhere in the town centre.

We expect the impact on car parking with be low. In September 2016, we undertook survey work on car parking demand in the town centre, which indicated that on average, only 26% of the Pope’s Road car park capacity is used, increasing to 53% at peak times. This is supported by pay by phone data.

The whole Pope’s Road car park site, along with Pop Brixton, forms part of the council’s long-term redevelopment plans for the area, so the compactors may need to move again in the future as part of the Brixton Central masterplan proposals. However, this is not expected for at least another 2 years.

The council will also submit a Traffic Management Order early in 2017 to allow for the Pope’s Road car park to accommodate a Pay and Display machine.

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