A Voice (and some skillz) for Lambeth Youth

Written by Cllr Jack Hopkins

September 10, 2015
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The next tenant at POP Brixton is giving voice to Young People right across Lambeth with Reprezent Radio offering hundreds young people the opportunity to get skilled, get a job and the chance to speak to London!

Now that the commercial elements of POP are in, it’s now the time for the community organisations and start-ups to arrive. Reprezent radio move in as part of this the social and community space offer with their rent being subsidised by the commercial units in return for training and personal development opportunities for hundreds young people from Lambeth. I’m sure they’ll have some fun too.


Reprezent 107.3FM is a social enterprise broadcasting which has been running since 2011 and is the only radio station run by under 25’s. Apart from run a radio station, Repezent train young people to improve their communication and interview skills, support with target setting, CV writing, sourcing and applying for jobs. The jobs will be across a range of industries, and vary according to the aims of each young people, and positions available.

Reprezent 2

Their commitments include work experience positions, internships, free advertising for youth focused organisations, and playlist support for local artists, chances for Brixton residents to volunteer at the station, chances for young people to attend networking events and meet industry experts. Have a look here at what they do and sign up if you are interested.

A report from 2014 estimated the UK music industry as providing a Gross Value Added (GVA) of about £3.8bn to the UK economy in 2013, generating £2.2bn of exports and supporting 110,000 jobs. This isn’t just what artists earn but the jobs around production, marketing, sound engineering, promotion and publicity. Giving young people an opportunity to get some experience in the industry and the chance to work out what area they might want to work in later, as well as the holy grail “something on your CV” to make employers pick you from the crowd could be life changing. Every industry is competitive but giving that competitive edge to our young people is exactly what this Labour administration has to achieve.

The POP ethos was of a business community sitting within the wider community, supporting each other with those able to pay more doing so to support those that are just starting out or giving back to the community in other ways. Reprezent are a welcome addition to Brixton and Lambeth, at a time when the Tory Government of the day is putting the future for young people in jeopardy, I’m absolutely convinced that something which helps them shout about their cause whilst at the same time getting skills and career opportunities in one of Britain’s most successful industries is something which will give Lambeth young people are better shot at a brighter future.

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